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Antika is an Australian jewellery boutique that established in 1986, that specialises in contemporary Sterling Silver jewellery for women and men.  Our jewellery includes earrings, rings, necklaces, chains, pendants, chokers, bracelets, bangles and cufflinks.

Antika works closely with its jewellers to develop the latest trends in womens and mens jewellery, some incorporating gold, pearls and gemstones, in particular, amethyst, topaz, onyx, garnet, citrine, tiger’s eye, lapis luzuli and turquoise. Many pieces include precious stones such as white diamonds, chocolate diamonds and sapphires. Our mens range includes stainless steel designs that are often combined with sterling silver and other contemporary materials including leather, neoprene, tungsten and enamel.

Antika jewellery makes an ideal gift, whether it be a gift for women, for men, an engagement, wedding, anniversary or a gift for your valentine.

Adalia earring topaz

Ref: 7577


Adeline bracelet

Ref: 7491


Adeline earring

Ref: 7492


Adeline set

Ref: 7554


Adelita earring

Ref: 7581


Agnes bracelet

Ref: 5957


Agnès pendant

Ref: 6572

From $199.00

Alessa bangle

Ref: 3996


Alice bracelet

Ref: 7388


Alice earring

Ref: 7224


Alma earring

Ref: 7579