Clutch pendant

Ref: 7366


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  • Sterling silver slider pendant, 12mm long, folded to a triangular shaped curl threaded on a silver choker, ref 7366.
  • Clutch pendant
  • Clutch pendant

Clutch pendant is a sterling silver slider pendant folded to a triangular shaped curl. As a slider pendant, the choker is threaded through the back of the pendant.  It is shown here hung on a fine 42cm Omega choker.  Pair with the Clutch stud earrings to form a set.



The sides of the Clutch pendant are approximately 12mm long.  The choker is available in 42cm and 45cm lengths at the same price.



Clutch pendant has a combination matt and high polish finish.


To purchase the pendant without the choker, select 'Pendant only' in the 'Choker Length' drop down menu.

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