Filigree teardrop earring

Ref: 6946


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  • Sterling silver tear-drop earrings with intricate cut-out filigree work hung on a swing hook, 17mm long, ref 6946.
  • Womens sterling silver tear-drop earrings with cut-out intricate filigree work hung on swing hooks, 17mm long, ref 6946.

These delightful Sterling silver teardrop earrings have intricate cut-out filigree work hung on a swing hook.  The earrings are carved, so hollow in the middle, and slightly bulbous in shape.



The Filligree teardrops are 30mm in total length, and 17mm long, measured from the top of the ring to the bottom of the earring. They weigh approximately 1.5 grams each.



Polished finish with rhodium plating to protect the piece from tarnish.

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