Osa bracelet set

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  • Osa bracelet set comprises a bracelet and matching earrings with open, slightly concave, almond-shaped links in sterling silver. The bracelet is 18.5cm long and the earrings are long at 44mm.
  • Osa bracelet set
  • Osa bracelet set
  • Osa bracelet set

Osa bracelet set : Osa bracelet + Osa earrings

Open, almond-shaped, sterling silver links in a bracelet and matching earrings. The links are gently concave. Three links form the earring with each separated by a ring, enabling them to glimmer and move as you do.  The top link conceals the post and butterfly behind the ear.



The bracelet is 18.5cm long with each link 10mm long and 4mm wide. The bracelet weighs 6 grams. The earrings have a total length of 43mm and the largest link is 16mm long and 5mm at its widest. The earrings weigh 1.5 grams each.



Highly polished with a protective layer of rhodium.


Items are sold separately: Osa bracelet, Osa earrings

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