Osa pendant necklace set

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  • Osa pendant necklace + matching bracelet set.  They have open, sterling silver, almond-shaped links. The necklace is a Y-shaped chain with a pendant 5cm long.
  • Osa pendant necklace set
  • Osa pendant necklace set
  • Osa pendant necklace set

Osa pendant necklace set : Osa pendant necklace + Osa bracelet


Open, almond-shaped links form a pretty and sophisticated Y-shaped pendant necklace and bracelet crafted in sterling silver. The links are gently concave adding to their impressiveness. 



The length of the necklace varies according to the wearer.  One size necklace fits all and you can adjust accordingly.  The 3-piece pendant is 5cm long.  The necklace weighs 6 grams.

The bracelet is 18.5cm long with each link 10mm long and 4mm wide. The bracelet weighs 6 grams.



Highly polished and finished with a protective layer of rhodium.


Items are sold separately.  Buy as a set and get 12.5% discount.

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