Petite teardrop set

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  • Silver necklace and earring set with pendant and earrings with double teardrops.
  • Petite teardrop set
  • Petite teardrop set

Petite teardrop set : Petite teardrop necklace + Petite teardrop earring


The necklace and earrings have double, sterling silver teardrops.  The pendant has larger teardrops than the earrings.  The teardrops on the earrings overlap with the top earring in a matt finish.  The earrings are small and light - great for all day wear.



The fine sterling silver necklace can be worn at a 36cm length, or with the extension at 41cm.  The pendant teardrops are approximately 15mm x 11mm, and 11mm x 8mm.  The necklace weighs 6 grams.

The earrings are  21mm long from the top of the hook.  The larger teardrop is 10mm and the smaller teardrop is 7mm.  The earrings weigh 1 gram each.



The pendant and earrings are highly polished, with one earring in matt, and rhodium finished to prevent tarnishing.


Items are sold separately.  Buy as a set and get 12.5% discount.

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