Tuareg pearl earring

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  • Sterling silver and ivory coloured enamel cuff bangle with a raised floral motif. Disc is approx 8mm in diameter.
  • Tuareg pearl earring
  • Tuareg pearl earring

Sterling silver Tuareg pearl earring has a disc decorated with delicate looking floral motifs from which hangs a freshwater pearl. Wear the earrings with the Matura bangle - they make a perfect set. The detail of the silver work in the earrings match the detailing on the Matura bangle.  The pearls in the earring match the cream enamel of the Matura bangle.



The total length of the earring, including the Shepherd's hook, is approximately 36mm.  The disc is 8mm in diameter and the earrings weigh approximately 1.5 grams each.



The silver is highly polished.

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